Technology-Inspired Health Innovation at Illinois

Shape the future of health innovation and education at Illinois

The Health Innovation Visioning Committee has been charged by Chancellor Jones to consider a new technology-inspired academic health research and education model that makes a significant, visible, and sustained impact on human health. We have been asked to think comprehensively, broadly, and boldly how such a model can uniquely position Illinois as a national and global leader in health innovation that improve the human condition and impact humanity.

Town Hall Recordings:

Oct. 19 ACES Library
Oct. 25 Beckman Institute
Oct. 26 Illini Union

Building on the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute’s growth and successes and the work of the Health Sciences Strategy Task Force from 2018, this Visioning Committee will set the foundation to elevate health sciences and education, as well as technology and social innovation here at Illinois.

The committee has worked to gather broad input from the campus community through various discussions, Town Hall meetings, and an online input form. This input will be incorporated into a white paper report to the Chancellor in January 2023. 

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Committee Members

Stephen Boppart, Chair

Rohit Bhargava

Martin Burke
LAS (Chemistry)

Ryan Dilger
ACES (Animal Sciences)

Sharon Donovan
IGB, Personalized Nutrition Initiative, ACES (Nutritional Sciences)

Martha Gillette
Neuroscience Program, LAS (Cell & Developmental Biology)

Rosalba Hernandez
Social Work

Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler

Halil Kilicoglu

Ruby Mendenhall
CI MED, LAS (Sociology)

Jeff Moore
LAS (Chemistry)

Eva Pomerantz
CSBS, LAS (Psychology)

Wendy Rogers
AHS (Kinesiology and Community Health)

Carin Vanderpool
Vet Med, LAS (Microbiology)

Amy Wagoner Johnson

Neal Cohen
LAS (Psychology) ex officio

Paulanne Jushkevich
OVCIA ex officio

Susan Koshy
LAS (English), OVCRI/IHSI Faculty Fellow ex officio

Melanie Loots
ex officio

Gillian Snyder
IHSI ex officio

Kraig Wagenecht, Project Manager
OVCRI ex officio

Bridget Melton
IHSI Communications Support

Kacey Nelson
IHSI Graphic Design Support

Leta Summers
IHSI Administrative Support